Lily Meola Explains How She Lost Her Record Contract and What She Hope AGT Will Do for Her Music Career

Lily Meola has sung with a number of the largest names in music, like Willie admiral, Steven Tyler, Michael McDonald, and Sammy Hagar, and has had her own record deal, however she’s still searching for the one factor that may take her music career to the heights, and she’s hoping that her look on America’s Got Talent are going to be that factor.

The 27-year-old from Hawaii auditioned for judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Serdica Vergara with an imaginative song, “Daydreams,” that she wrote once everything in her life gave the impression to be going her approach.
“I wrote it at a time in my life once things were extremely lovely,” she told during interview. “I felt like i used to be basically living my daydream. i used to be operating with the highest producers of my dreams, i used to be traveling the planet, I had a significant label record deal, I had a commercial enterprise deal. Everything was extremely sweet. I had an exquisite home to come back home to in Maui Island and that i had a baby ruminant i used to be raising. It had been simply super wizardly.”

Then, as life will, she got a style of bitter with the sweet, as everything flipped the other way up. Her mama was diagnosed with cancer, she lost her record deal, and then, to high it off, the planet clean up for COVID.

“I felt extremely unhappy and stuck,” liliaceous plant aforementioned, however explains she doesn’t blame losing her record deal on the actual fact that she took day off to worry about her mother.

“Things happen at labels that square measure out of your management,” she said. “It’s simply the approach the cookie fragmented, I guess. It had been unfortunate, however conjointly gave American state the time to be together with her, that was extremely sweet. I didn’t essentially have a say in losing my deal, but yeah, for sure, i might make love everywhere once more simply to pay another moment together with her.”
Tonight, liliaceous plant is hoping to urge back a number of her management by playing an imaginative song that she recently wrote and hasn’t sung in public that she hopes can build her stand out from her competitors and become one in all the 2 acts hunting to the finale from night four of AGT’s qualifier shows.

“My goal is simply to be American state and share my song and my story,” she said. “I recognize it’s progressing to be extremely exhausting to form it into that high 2. This episode’s stacked with some unimaginable talent. The song I’m progressing to do I simply wrote some weeks agone, therefore it’s contemporary. It’s conjointly progressing to be out there to stream on all the music platforms a similar night that I play it.”

Also in our exclusive oral communication, liliaceous plant talked regarding however she met Willlie admiral and therefore the different massive names in music that she’s performed with, United Nations agency her music icons square measure, and why she doesn’t pay longer on a surfboard—her brother Matt may be a professional surfer— despite living in Hawaii.

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